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Nonprofit Leadership

This book tells from the trenches what it's like to direct a nonprofit agency. Each chapter focuses on a different facet of nonprofit leadership: how to build a strong and effective governing board, manage and inspire staff, develop efficient and effective programs, raise money, recruit and retain talented volunteers, market the agency, keep up to date on nonprofit law, and plan for the future. In addition, there are chapters on financial management, advocacy, and cultural competency. The workload is often crushing and the stress level can be high in the nonprofit world, yet being able to look around a community and see tangible evidence of success makes it all worthwhile.

The nonprofit sector is more important than ever. People in this country give an increasing amount of money and much of their time to nonprofit agencies because they care about their communities and the fabric of services that holds them together. It's a special relationship, one built on trust, need, compassion, and hope.         

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