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Ending a National Tragedy

Suicide is more than a mental health problem. It's a public health and social problem... This book examines myths, demographics, risk factors, warning signs, and how to talk to a suicidal person. It covers suicide in parks, prisons, and in the military, as well as assisted suicide, suicide by cop, and murder-suicide. More importantly, it details the relationship between guns and suicide, drugs and suicide, and jump sites and suicide, focusing on one of the most effective ways to prevent suicidesrestricting access to lethal means. The last chapter describes important steps that individuals, businesses, and government can take to end suicides.

Some people assume that suicides can't be prevented, much less ended. They assume that if someone wants to kill themselves, it might be possible to stop them initially, but sooner or later they will find a way to do it. This assumption is an enabling one. It enables the rest of us to be passive, and that is at the heart of the problem. Answers exist, but oftentimes people aren't willing to pursue them. It's time—past time—that we started.  


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